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  • Nneka Arimah says the collection is the product of years of published stories, decades of voracious reading and a long “brewing” process for each story until it finally comes to a boil.
  • In ‘Exit West,’ a city in the Muslim world is plunged into violence and two lovers join the mass migration of our time.
  • It also questions what that power means in America today, how it is attained and who it hurts.
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“Pachinko” is an epic family saga and historical novel about ethnic Koreans who migrate to Japan. It was a National Book Award finalist for fiction, and the New York Times named it one of the 10 best books of the year. “What it Means When a Man Falls From the Sky” is a debut short story collection from Nneka Arimah that ranges from realism to folk tale to sci-fi, telling tales of family and home. It won the 2017 Kirkus Prize and New York Public Library’s Young Lions Fiction Award.

Jemisin’s fantasy novel follows the narratives of three “orogenes,” individuals who can draw power from the earth to subdue its violence. “The Fifth Season,” the first book in her “Broken Earth” trilogy, won the 2016 Hugo Award, science fiction’s highest honor. “It was so close to my experience, it was almost painful” says the best-selling author. “I sit down at the computer every weekday morning and begin berry burst to write, even if I feel blocked or don’t have much to say,” says Winkler, author of “We the Corporations.” Here’s a small sampling of the goddess’ rich visual history, from ancient Greece to contemporary America. The stories I wrote about him always had murky endings, where you could tell the protagonist had unfinished business with him, and that she had been hurt,” said the author of “Heart Berries.”

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That region, 4,200 miles east of Moscow, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s packed with volcanoes, geysers and natural wonders – I couldn’t wait to go. “The Street” by Ann Petry is the May pick for Now Read This, the PBS NewsHour’s book club with The New York Times.

‘The Death and Life of the Great Lakes’ by Dan Egan

“That day freed me from one of the worst traps in both life and writing, where you talk or think about something for so long that you neglect your freedom to just go out and give it a try,” Tolentino said. Read more from Tolentino on how she spent time in solitude while working on “Trick Mirror,” as well as which works form her personal literary canon. The January pick for our “Now Read This” book club was a book of essays exploring many aspects of American culture through the prism of the internet and social media. At age 32, author Jia Tolentino has gained acclaim as one of its most astute observers.

Mohsin Hamid’s novel “Exit West,” which blends the real and surreal, follows two people on the move from a country on the brink of civil war. Dan Egan’s ‘The Death and Life of the Great Lakes’ — an epic portrait of the Great Lakes and the perils they face — is our next pick for the PBS NewsHour-New York Times book club, “Now Read This.” Because Tara Westover had never been allowed to go to school, the only history she had learned was the history her father taught her. “His perspective was my perspective,” she says, and his fears became her fears. But when she discovered education — different from school — she began to construct her own mind from a diversity of ideas.

How to Create a Strong Freelance Writing Portfolio With ChatGPT

You can also submit your own questions for Jauhar on our Facebook page, which he will answer on the NewsHour broadcast at the end of the month. Sandeep Jauhar joins Jeffrey Brown to answer reader questions on “Heart.” Plus, Jeff announces the February book selection. Read writing advice from Wolitzer, about her daily writing routine, and the one book she thinks everyone should read. You can also submit your own questions for Wolitzer on our Facebook page, some of which she will answer on the NewsHour broadcast at the end of the month. N. K. Jemisin joins Liz Flock to answer reader questions on “The Fifth Season,” and Liz announces the July book selection. Jones, who is the author of “An American Marriage” and several other novels, writes with a typewriter and keeps a couple of pens filled at her desk most of the time.

And it’s especially timely as questions are being raised about how immigrant families are being treated in the U.S. Powers shares his bibliography for “The Overstory” – 26 books that contain a wide range of information about trees, from how the American Chestnut disappeared to histories of radical forest activism. “American Prison” author Shane Bauer highlights a few key moments in the history of prison-as-profit in America, drawing from research he conducted for the book. “American Prison” draws from Bauer’s own experience working undercover as an entry-level prison guard at Louisiana’s Winn Correctional Center while on assignment as a senior reporter for Mother Jones. His book weaves together his own stories of working with Winn corrections officers and prisoners, along with the history of for-profit incarceration in the U.S.

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